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Terms and conditions

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Ski & Snowboard rental Defox2 by Zucchetti Laura Barbara

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Terms and conditions
01- The client (tenant) is responsible for the rented object.
02- The rented material is not insured. The risk is borne by the tenant 100% for breakage and 100% for theft.
03- In case of loss of the rented material and in case of theft or total and irreparable damage of the same, the material in question will be charged to the lessee at the purchase price of the lessor, with possible reconsideration of its current value due to wear and tear and spend some time.
04- In case of theft of the rented material, the tenant is required to immediately file a complaint with the competent law enforcement agencies.
05- In case of damage to the rented material, due to inadequate use and / or vandal treatment and / or partial damage, the repair costs will be charged to the tenant.
06- During the rental period it is possible to replace the rented material with material of a higher category, with the payment of a surcharge. There is no refund in the case of replacement with a lower category material.
07- The cost of the rented equipment is calculated up to and including the day of return and the delivery must take place by 19:00 on the last day. For deliveries after the indicated time, 1 additional rental day will be charged.
08- In the event that the rented material does not, for any reason, return to the lessor by the established date, a report of theft will be automatically filed at the end of 7. day from that date.
09- In case of early termination of the rental agreement with return of the rented material, no refund will be granted. Any reimbursements will be granted only in the case of illness and / or accident, with the presentation of regular medical documentation.
10- By your signature, the lessee expressly agrees with the professional adjustment of the seat height, brakes and geometry of the bike based on his personal data.
11- With your signature, the tenant declares to have collected the rental object in perfect condition.
12- At the time of booking / purchasing the desired service, it is also possible to purchase the insurance which provides for the refund of the amount paid in case of withdrawal and the supplement to be paid is 2% on the amount of the service purchased. Online bookings can be canceled up to 2 days before the equipment is collected, but without this insurance there will be no refund in case of withdrawal.
13- All legal acts are subject to national law, even if the tenant has its headquarters abroad.
14- With the online booking the rental contract is valid for all purposes under the conditions indicated.


Breakage Warranty Regulations

Accidental Damage Protection covers all costs arising from any breakage or damage relating to both the bike and the equipment with the exception of an excess of € 20 for damage to the bike and € 10 for damage to equipment. DOES NOT COVER theft or loss.
The cost of Accidental Damage Protection is € 9 per day, and is strictly recommended.
Accidental Damage Protection must be signed at the time of booking or bike pickup.
In case of non-stipulation of the aforementioned Accidental Damage Protection, any damage or breakage of the bike, including punctures, will be charged according to the following price list starting from:

  • Derailleur (Rear Derailleur) 100 €
  • Exchange order 70 €
  • Sheath / wire change 20 €
  • Circle € 70
  • Complete wheel (hub and gearbox) 200 €
  • Derailleur hanger 45 €
  • Complete brake lever / pump unit 100 €
  • Brake disc 50 €
  • Brake caliper € 100
  • Brake hose € 60
  • Handlebar 70 €
  • Rear shock absorber € 300
  • Fork 400 €
  • Seat tube € 50
  • Saddle € 50
  • Frame € 500
  • Brake lever € 40
  • Drilling € 15
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